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      Shanghai UONE Automation Equipment CO,LTD. ,developed by the high technological background of Shanghai Tongji University, is committed itself to environmental protection , petrochemical, hot weather , electricity, water , energy , metallurgy , ore and other industrial process measurement , control , and management system integration and mechanical and electrical equipment , intelligent instruments, sensors, transmitters, controllers development , production, sales and service.

      Our major products now include : radar level meter, RF admittance level meter , resistance rotary level switch , tuning fork level switch , capacitance level switch , pneumatic hammers , vibrators, rope switch, deviation switch ; flow switches, flow meters, ultrasonic level meter , magnetic level indicator , float switches, temperature transmitter. Etc

      With our rich experiences in the automation equipment industry over the years, we always strictly abide by the principles of reliability and flexibility and fully integrate

      new high technologies. We will provide comprehensive Pre-sales consulting and after-sales services and offer our customers different solutions with different actual needs with an advanced, reasonable, and cost-effective way.

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